Company history

More than 30 years of innovative products
1977 Foundation of the company by Wolfgang Krumbein in Tabarz on the territory of the former GDR
Focus of activities: Development and manufacturing with regard to rationalized solutions and small machineries for crafts enterprises and service enterprises.
1980 Change of the focus of activities: Development , manufacturing and distribution of machine and equipment for the industrial sector of bakery and confectionery.
1982 Start of manufacturing croissant winders and distribution on the market of the former GDR.
1984 Start of manufacturing pastry spraying machines and distribution on the market of the former GDR.
1989 Collapse of the GDR - political turn
  New orientation and reconstruction caused by the new market situation
1990 Being taken into a pilot project for the formation of model plants on new economic-political conditions.
1990 Construction of a new production facility
(Production surface about 800m²)
1991 Relocation of the company to the newly erected production facility on Tabarz location
1991 Aquisition of a substantial machinery for a flexible and profitable production
1992 Intensive cooperation with Meistermarken-Werke in Bremen for the development of new machines.
1992 Further development of  pastry dosing machines and spraying machines.
1993 Development and manufacturing of a cutting machine for cutting of cake in a four-edge baking sheet. This cutter system being patented.
1994 Development and manufacturing of a cutting machine for cutting of tortes. This cutter system being patented.
1995 Extension of sales area - start of international sales
1998 Start of the manufacturing of production lines - extension of customer area up to industrial customers
1999 Organisation of a worldwide dealer network
2001 Extension of the consisting operating site - erection of an annex building on the consisting site, dedication of the new plant section with new production surface, administration with design department as well as demonstration and training area
2003 At the beginning of the 2. quarter of 2003 the son of the company’s founder Ralf Krumbein has joined the enterprise as member of the management
2005 Extension of the worldwide dealer network