Company portrait

KRUMBEIN.rationell. - All from one source
The KRUMBEIN.rationell. company is a familiy managed, medium sized enterprise and stands since over 30 years for innovative and customer-oriented solutions.
The enterprise was founded in 1977 by Wolfgang Krumbein.
In the course of the following years KRUMBEIN.rationell. company succeeded in establishing an excellent reputation at its customers in the food industry.

The business operating area of the KRUMBEIN.rationell. company comprises the development, construction, manufacture and distribution of special machines and equipment respectively for bakery, confectionery as well as related food processing companies.

The production of machines is sub-divided into two areas.
The first area comprises a group of standard machines, which in similar type of construction and function are suitable to a multitude of customers.
These include for instance our HGS horizontal cutting machines, KSSM cake cutting machines, DSM dosing and spraying machines, BBS bread roll cutting machines, TKSM torte cutting machines.
At the present time our program of standard machines comprises about 50 various machines.

The second area concerns special-purpose machines as well as special-purpose equipment, which are specially developed, constructed and manufactured according to the requirements of the respective customer.
Some examples as well as references you will find under the heading of special machines.

The machines are produced in made-to-order production as well as in small batch series. The production is equipped with a multitude of modern machine tools. By this the majority of the parts is manufactured in our own house. This enables short term implementation of individual customer’s and production-specific requirements respectively, what has a very positive effect on a short term phase of translation to production.

Distribution and servicing of the machines on the home market take place directly from the company headquarter. Because of its geographically ideal situation in the midst of Germany all places can be reached quickly and effectively from this location.

Abroad, distribution and servicing of the machines take place worldwide by means of a network of international commercial agencies. Our distribution partners are experts in the application and service and dispose of the necessary know-how for competent advice and project planning as well as technical implementation.

Company principles


Made in Germany - We intend to meet this high quality standard in all areas and to see it also in future as basis of our products. Our business approach with the focus on quality begins at square one of the start of production and does not end with the completion of the products, but far after it.

"It is quality, if the customer returns and not the machine"


Our development competence in the fields of mechanics, electronics and software and the potent modular concept of our products lead to an excellent overall function of the equipment and the machines.
The cross-divisional development competence of our team is a particular plus to us. More than 10 patents had been filed until now.

Competitive edge by innovation

Innovation means in its verbal sense "novation" or "renovation".
For us the word "innovation" means finding new solutions and systems with the aim of the best possible user benefit.

Customer, but also partner

Wir strive for a long term customer relationship in the spirit of partnership.
A fair open handling of all tasks of our customers is our aim.
We want to be an active partner in the customer relationship.