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Traditional handcraft and modern technology go hand in hand in the bakery business today. Whether cutting, dosing, sprinkling or spreading butter – KRUMBEIN bakery machines reduce various production steps and perfectly fit into your workflow. Thanks to automation and integration you safe time, relieve the strain on employees and enhance the efficiency in the bakery.
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Patisserie stands for the highest artisan standard. The work process demands skill and technique which can be cleverly combined through the use of our KRUMBEIN machines. Our patented dosing systems stand out through highest precision. They were developed in different sizes and functions, so that they can be easily applied in small businesses as well.
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The passion for detail does not have to exclude an effective production in the confectionery business. Everyday tasks such as cutting, sprinkling and dosing are reliably done for you by your KRUMBEIN machine, so you have more time for intricate creations that wow your customers. You have the choice between specialized single machines and smart combined systems.
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Good preparation is worth a great deal of money in the catering business. KRUMBEIN machines support you through the automation of your processes to produce great quantities with reliable quality at a high hygienic standard in a timesaving way. Thus you are not only able to assess and calculate your staff requirements more easily – what’s more, your modular system facilitates the composition of individually assembled production lines.
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The market for readily available snacks and sandwiches on the go is growing – a trend that bakeries should not miss! To improve your sales volume of sandwiches, baguettes etc., KRUMBEIN offers bakery machines with intelligent system solutions to enable the efficient production of high quantities by keeping constant quality continuously.
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Applications of KRUMBEIN bakery machines and confectionery machines

Craftsmanship has a long tradition in Germany. This also refers to bakeries and confectioneries which produce bread, rolls and buns, as well as cakes that are firmly rooted in our food culture. Baking is a profession with passion that is, like other craftsmanship, facing modern challenges. In addition to piecework and high cost pressure come problems such as skills shortage and digital transformation. Here you need to find solutions without compromising on productivity and quality. The long-established Thuringian company KRUMBEIN works in the engineering and manufacturing of high quality bakery machinery since 40 years. We know the demands of the market and deliver tailored and innovative solutions. A broad range of single machines for the bakery, confectionery and patisserie supports various processes in the business. Whether cutting machines, depositing machines or spraying machines – automation in the bakery business unites modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. The result: You can work more efficiently and can concentrate on your artisan passion.

Not only bakers and confectioners rely on KRUMBEIN quality. Also the catering and food processing industry is always on the lookout for solutions to optimize costs, improve processes and deploy staff more efficiently. Especially interesting are the machines for the growing market of snacks such as sandwiches, paninis, and baguettes. From the single machine to complete production lines like sandwich line operations or topping conveyors, everything can be tailored to your specific needs. Variously sliced goods can be cleverly portioned, spread and finally refined with a finishing touch. Regardless of small-sized or large-scale businesses – KRUMBEIN machinery can be used whenever high quantities need to be produced with constant quality. The automation secures the planning and sustainability in times of skills shortage. It’s an investment that pays off in the long term. Thanks to individual solutions and reliable service we know why satisfied customers appreciate KRUMBEIN for many years!

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