Who doesn’t know the situation? To drop into the bakery to buy a snack on the go for breakfast or lunch before work in the morning is nearly a daily ritual. The market for readily available convenience food is growing steadily and has developed itself from the once known side business to the real profit generator for many bakeries. At the same time the non-stop production encounters a problem: Often the employees are pushed to their limit when they have to balance the production, presentation and sale of the snacks in one go. Here clever system solutions are needed which can relieve the strain on personnel and enable huge quantities combined with constant quality. The modular assembly line by KRUMBEIN starts with bakery machinery where the baked goods come straight from the oven: Cutting machines can be combined with topping conveyors, so bread rolls, sandwiches and baguettes get the perfect finish through various toppings and fillings. The modular system enables the combination of an own bespoke sandwich production line which saves time through automation and optimizes processes and, in turn, generates turnover.

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