Perfection in technology for bakeries and confectioneries

KRUMBEIN, your competent partner for innovative solutions in mechanical engineering. We stand for perfection, innovation and efficiency in mechanical engineering – since 1977.

Efficient mechanical engineering for the modern food sector

For over 45 years, we have embodied perfection, innovation, and cost-effectiveness in the field of mechanical engineering. Our mission is to provide tailored solutions that enhance your operations and elevate productivity. As the foremost global provider of cutting machines, depositing machines, spreading systems, and production lines for bakeries and confectioneries, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge technologies and dependable solutions. Our machines are distinguished by their high quality, efficiency, and precision, aligning perfectly with your high standards.

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Individual machine solutions for your success

  • Consulting and planning of machines for bakeries and confectioneries
  • Manufacturing and supply of high quality standard machines
  • Development and construction of customized special machines
  • Installation, training and support for smooth operation
  • Efficient maintenance and fast spare parts service

"Success has 2 letters - DO."

von J.W. von Goethe

According to this quote, one can summarize the personality of a great doer. Wolfgang Krumbein, the late founder of KRUMBEIN, steered the company steadily into the future across two economic systems.

In memory of a great man, entrepreneur and family man, an impressive brochure was created. Read more about the former company founder.

From a single source: Our corporate principles


High quality – Crafted in Germany. Our commitment to quality extends throughout every facet of our production. Your satisfaction with our products is our foremost concern. This is why we prioritize top-tier quality from the start and stand by your side even after the completion of your project.


Our team excels in the areas of mechanics, electronics, and software. Through our modular approach, we attain exceptional functionality in our machinery and systems. Thanks to our multidisciplinary expertise, we've secured patents for numerous developments.


Leading through Innovation – Our innovative spirit drives us to uncover novel solutions and systems that maximize advantages to our customers. We draw inspiration from our clients' suggestions, as their inquiries, desires, and concerns serve as our driving force.

Customer, but also a Partner

We strive for long-term customer relationships built on partnership. An open and fair approach to addressing your concerns is of great importance to us. As an active partner, we are committed to providing support, and our products are designed to stand by your side for decades to come.