Cutting machines

The all-rounders for the bakery and confectionery trade: KRUMBEIN cutting machines portion cakes, pies and a variety of other baked goods in a time-saving and precise manner. Numerous adaptation options ensure that the machine fits optimally into your production chain and becomes a real work relief.

Cutting machines

To reliably portion gateaux, cakes, confectionery, bread rolls, baguettes or even wafers and pizzas we offer you classic solutions from the horizontal and vertical slicing system to the innovative ultrasonic cutting machine. User friendliness is a high priority at KRUMBEIN. The cutting widths and variations can be quickly adjusted and the hygienic design enables an easy cleaning. Thanks to their versatility, our cutting machines are valued in bakeries and confectioneries as well as gastronomy and the food processing industry alike. They smoothly fit into the work flow and can be flexibly tailored to individual requirements and production chains.

for sandwiches & wraps

Our vertical slicer DSS is specially designed for dividing sandwiches with toppings as well as wraps.

for baklava

Our cake cutting machines divide sensitive products such as baklava gently, precisely and without fraying the product edges.