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The next generation of cutting technology

Ultrasonic cutting technology for cakes and pastries

Our Ultrasonic Cutting Machines are perfect for both large industrial bakeries/commissaries and artisan bake shops. Thanks to the special titanium blade, cakes and pastries are gently and quickly cut into pieces. The ultrasonic slicers are available with several options to meet your individual needs and requirements.

Ultrasonic cutting machines: Benefits at a glance

Cutting with ultrasonic to protect your product

The products are gently and precisely cut by a long-life titanium blade, which vibrates at a very high frequency, up to 35,000 vibrations per second. These ultrasonic vibrations greatly reduce the adhesion of product residues to the blade and the division into the desired pieces is very clean and reliable.

Clear recipe management

An individual program can be stored for each product in order to use the optimum cutting parameters. The program location is stored and can be retrieved at any time under the product name.

Operator friendly machines

Our ultrasonic cutting machines impress with their very simple and intuitive machine operation. The setting of the piece size as well as the cutting speed are created, saved and selected via the touch display - operation is no problem even for unskilled specialists.

low contact: Low cleaning effort.

Thanks to the minimal adhesion of product residues to the blade and the blade cleaning system that can be ordered as an option, the blade always remains clean and hygienic during the cutting process. In addition, the machine's removable components are easily accessible and quick to clean in the dishwasher.

Perfect cutting results with ultrasound

The UCM cutters are suitable for fresh cakes and pastries in the baking tray as well as on cutting plates. Even frozen and multi-layered products are no problem for the ultrasonic blade. The maximum product height is 85 mm.

Find your suitable ultrasonic cutting machine now

This is what our UCM cutting machines can do:

1 Sheet Cake
1x round
2 Sheet Cakes
2x round
3 Sheet Cakes

Ultrasonic cutting machine UCM 660 liteCUT

Compact ultrasonic cutting machine
  • Mobile compact cutting machine
  • Optional: hot water system as cleaning support
  • Different cutting angles can be realized
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Technical specifications

Ultrasonic cutting machine – UCM 600 Basic

Robust industrial cutting machine - continuous machine
  • Combinable with infeed / outfeed conveyor to be even more efficient.
  • More products in processing because throughput process
  • Optional: hot water system as cleaning support
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Technical specifications

Ultrasonic cutting machines that perfectly fit your requirements

Would you like to experience our ultrasonic cutting machine in action? Feel free to contact us – together we can arrange a test date!

Stefan Wich Heiter
Internal Sales / Project Management