Research and development in food mechanical engineering

Innovation is a tradition at KRUMBEIN

Foodtech as a growth driver in the bakery and confectionery industry

For years, our internal focus has been in the area of research and development, because: Foodtech is becoming increasingly important! In addition to our core competence in mechanical engineering, we see ourselves as a comprehensive and committed technology partner for our users.

As a partner, we invite our customers to approach us with their machine and production concerns. In this way, we can systematically find technical solutions and support our valued clients during the introduction and implementation period. Even afterwards, we remain the contact partner to ensure optimal operation of the plants and to keep an eye on the potential for further optimization.

Our goal is to support users with technical innovations in the production process in the long term and in the best possible way. We always keep the economic aspects of every project in mind and take general market and industry developments into account for your competitiveness, and growth within the bakery and confectionery industry.

Research and development at KRUMBEIN:

  • Our own design department with well-trained specialists, who systematically search for solutions that are also economically well thought out for the long term
  • Production area with highly skilled craftsmen who, thanks to their experience, can manufacture individual customer solutions.
  • Product tests on our machines and equipment to make the basic topics of processing, hygiene, budget, changeover times, etc. tangible.
  • Regular testing procedures to designate capacities of the technique.
  • Regular internal exchange of knowledge and experience between departments
  • Cooperation with Thuringian universities in the field of mechanical engineering
  • Constant exchange in different networks.

Food Mechanical Engineering:
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