FILIsnack cut 'n' cool

Compact and time-saving solution for in-store snack production

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All-in-one solution for in-store snack production

The new FILIsnack cut ‘n’ cool combines all important process steps for the production of sandwich snacks in a minimum of space and was developed for one-person operation in stores or central production. Cutting of different bakery products, topping of the products with fresh and cooled raw materials as well as direct preparation for display in the sales counter: The FILIsnack is designed for the further processing of rolls, baguettes, bagels, small flat breads etc. in the branch or in a small space.

  • All-in-one solution that combines all important snack production steps
  • fast production of ready-to-sell snacks on trays
  • One-person operation
  • integrated raw material cooling
  • can be positioned as line or over corner
  • powerful cutting machine
  • possible integration of compact depositors
  • hygienic design

FILIsnack cut 'n' cool: Benefits at a glance


All important process steps for the production of snacks are combined in one place, relieving store personnel and ensuring hygienic production

integrated cutting technology

Due to the upstream cutting machine, bakery products are cut quickly and safely, it is possible to vary between two cutting types, after the cutting process the products are buffered on a table

Integrated cooling

The lower part of the loading station is refrigerated, so raw materials can be stored there, while the raw materials in gastro containers in the upper part are also refrigerated. If the loading station is not required, it is closed by means of a lid.

Adaptable solution

The FILIsnack is designed so that it can be positioned in a line or as a corner solution, depending on spatial conditions

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Stefan Wich Heiter

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