Sprinkling Systems

A real time saver for the bakery, confectionery and food processing industry: sprinkling systems by KRUMBEIN automatically apply toppings on various bakery goods.

Sprinkling Systems

With its use not only cakes and pastries get the finishing touch, but also savory products such as pretzel and bread rolls can be refined. A selection of universal sprinkling machines for dry, free-flowing products (e.g. granulated or coarse sugar, chocolate bits, sugar strands, nuts) as well as a variety of powdery products (e.g. flour, spices, cake topping mixtures) are available. Fruit sprinkling systems evenly distribute different kinds of frozen or fresh fruit on to baking trays. Especially interesting for the confectionery and patisserie are sprinkling machines that decorate the outer surfaces of circular products like gateaux. A specially designed sprinkling system enables the sprinkling of products through the use of only one universal machine.

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Daniel Pfohl
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