Vibration Sprinkling System - VISS

For particularly gentle processing of the spreading materials

VISS – Vibrating spreading system for dry and spreadable products

With the VISS vibratory spreading system, you can quickly spread dry and free-flowing ingredients onto your products. The narrow and mobile spreader can be used flexibly for a wide range of spreading materials: from granulated sugar to chocolate chips and various nuts. The vibratory spreader can be moved by means of steering-brake rollers and can be stored in a space-saving manner thanks to its narrow design.

Vibration spreading system: Benefits at a glance

Many things can be sprinkled

Thanks to the special vibration system, even the finest sprinkles are spread evenly. Starting with pearl and granulated sugar, brittle, various grains and seeds, chocolate shavings, decorations/granules, salt, nuts, and chocolate chips. Grain sizes from 0.5 mm to 20 mm are perfectly processed via the vibrating spreader. The product storage capacity of the hopper is max. 22 liters.

Vibration sprinkling system with automatic start-stop system

Precise spreading from beginning to end of the product - an integrated sensor detects the product or baking tray and optimally starts and stops the spreading process. The advantage is that there is hardly any spreading loss and only minimal cleaning is required. An external start signal can be integrated as an option.

Sensitive processing

Thanks to the vibration process, even sensitive spreading materials, such as chocolate drops or chocolate chips, are spread without any problems.

Vibration sprinkling system can be integrated into cake line

The mobile and very narrow design of the vibratory spreader favors its use in small spaces of a production line. The hopper is located outside the working area, making it easier to fill during use in a production line.

Optional: adjustable scattering edge

An adjustable spreading edge allows the spreading width to be adapted to the respective spreading product - the standard spreading width is 580 mm.

Spreader for finishing a wide range of baked goods

Suitable for vibratory spreading system: Dry & spreadable products

  • Brittle pieces
  • Chocolate drops
  • Chocolate shavings
  • Crystal and pearl sugar
  • Salt
  • Nuts
  • Linseed
  • Coconut flakes
  • Various seeds and nuts

Vibratory spreading system: Benefit from efficiency

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