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KRUMBEIN Bakery Machines: Productivity & Efficiency

Bakery machines for bread products, cookies, and fine bakery products

Our economy is also undergoing an important transformation process, not least due to digitalization and the like. As a mechanical engineering company, we ourselves are striving to complete this process within the company. In addition, we are working hard on optimizing our machines and systems with regard to process optimization and digitalization.
To meet these challenges in a customer- and market-specific way, we work closely with specialized partner companies (networking with software manufacturers or management system partners) in various projects. In this way, we explore the full potential capabilities to simplify the production process in bakeries and confectioneries, network capacities, create interfaces to other applications, and make resources identifiable.

,By doing this, businesses can not only operate more economically, but also counter the growing shortage of skilled workers with innovative technology and the practicality of automation.

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