Here you will find an overview of our machine types:

Your competent partner in the field of machines und technology in the industrial sector of bakery as well as confectionery. In our company success of the customer forms the centre of the entrepreneurial thinking and acting. The product line is permanently broadened and user-friendly further developed.

Cutting Machines

The all-rounder for the bakery and confectionery trade: KRUMBEIN cutting machines portion cakes, gateaux and a variety of other bakery products accurately and expeditiously. Numerous customization options make sure that the machine perfectly fits into your production chain and will lead to a real workload reduction.


Depositing Machines

Depositing and spraying machines by KRUMBEIN are the universal helper in the production of pastries and cookies for small handcraft enterprises as well as for industrial processing. Precise dosing systems enable the production of huge quantities paired with high quality. Whether dosing, shaping or filling – you choose from our assortment of dosing rollers and nozzles for the most diverse applications and to use with all kinds of dough!


Sprinkling Systems

Sprinkling systems by KRUMBEIN automatically apply toppings to varied sweet and savory bakery products. Not only sugar, spices, etc. are possible toppings, but also frozen or fresh fruit can be evenly distributed onto baking trays. Even the outer surfaces of gateaux can be decorated expeditiously, thanks to a specially designed sprinkling system.


Topping Conveyors

Products are prepared, processed and transferred at the topping conveyor – thus, it is the key component of each production line in the manufacturing of snacks like sandwiches or hamburgers. Topping conveyors by KRUMBEIN come in different widths and lengths and with numerous accessories entirely tailored to your needs. We happily arrange your bespoke snack production line for you!


Here you can find our best-selling machines:

Sie wissen noch nicht was Sie suchen? Kein Problem – unter dem Punkt Anwendungen haben wir Maschinen passend zum Endprodukt aufgeführt!

Bakery Machinery by KRUMBEIN

KRUMBEIN is your competent partner in the field of mechanical engineering for the bakery and confectionery sector. Since 40 years we provide high-end solutions for the economical processing of bakery goods, confectionery and foodstuffs. Our customers profit from innovative systems and services ranging from the manufacturing, processing and refining of bakery products. KRUMBEIN is one of the leading global manufacturers in the field of cutting machines, depositing machines and sprinkling machines which we are, first and foremost, as a result of the long lasting machine lifespan and its functional flexibility.

The scope of it ranges from the development and manufacturing of innovative small devices to standard machines up to unique customized specialist solutions and production lines. Beyond bakery and confectionery businesses, KRUMBEIN cutting machines can be applied in the gastronomy, catering and food processing industry. They cut rectangular sheet cakes, bread rolls, etc., as well as circular products such as gateaux and pizzas. The choice lies between various possibilities starting with horizontal and vertical slicing systems to innovative ultrasonic cutting machines with unparalleled precision.

Let’s not forget depositing and spraying machines when seeking for efficient machinery in the bakery. As universal helpers they are suitable for the filling of molds or the depositing of all kinds of dough to create the perfect cookies. At KRUMBEIN you can choose from a wide assortment of dosing rollers and piping nozzles for the most varied applications which can be easily exchanged and cleaned. The ideal addition to the depositing and spraying machines is the KRUMBEIN transfer pump which transport dough from the mixer tank to the storage unit of the machine.

Sprinkling machines – also called depositors – as a single machine save a lot of time in the bakery and confectionery, because they take over routine tasks such as the topping and sprinkling of products. Depending on the machine, an adjustable mechanism can sprinkle icing sugar, sugar strands, fruits, spices and lots more onto various bakery products on the spot or continuously. Another application is the topping conveyor that is used in the food processing industry. Here, at the conveyor belt, happens the preparatory work of foodstuffs as well as the subsequent production of snacks. In that way, sandwiches, baguettes or hamburgers are quickly and efficiently created whilst keeping constant quality at the sandwich production line.

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