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The special spreader for crumble toppings.

Crumble sprinkling system for flat application of streusel on pastries & sheet cakes

The special Crumble sprinkling system is suitable for the even and fast processing of streusel dough over a wide area. The already kneaded crumble mass is first broken up into individual crumbs and then sprinkled onto the product using the waterfall principle. The crumble size is continuously adjusted on the machine and stored under the respective product name. The hygienic design of the machine and the easy disassembly of the most important machine parts for effective cleaning in the dishwasher facilitate the cleaning process.

Crumble sprinkling system: Benefits at a glance

Crumble sprinkling system for large or small sprinkles

The special speed control of the individual spreading rollers allows the customer to select the size of the sprinkles. From very fine to coarse, the setting of the sprinkles can be infinitely adjusted during the spreading process. The hopper has a capacity of max. 60 liters.

Crumble spreading system with conveyor belt for products

The streusel spreading system can be configured as a version with round belt conveyor for the direct support of products, e.g. dough roll or baking cups. Use of the spreading system without a conveyor belt is possible, for example during use over an external production line.

Conveyor belt for baking tray

In the version with a mat chain conveyor, baking trays can be transported. Here, too, it is possible to use the spreader without a conveyor belt above an external production line.

Sprinkling system with automatic start-stop system

Because every gram counts: an integrated sensor detects the product or baking tray and optimally starts and stops the spreading process. The advantage is that there is hardly any spreading loss and only minimal cleaning is required. An external start signal can be integrated as an option.

Program storage

On the one hand, the individual storage of the programs under the respective product name secures the settings for spreading intensity and speed. On the other hand, the storage option ensures faster production and makes it easier for unskilled personnel to select the correct spreading parameters.

Integrated recipe management

The crumble shaker impresses with its simple and intuitive operation via the touch display. An integrated and clear recipe management facilitates the retrieval of the programs.

Crumble sprinkling system ideal for use in cake line

Due to the mobile design and the conveyor belt configuration options of the streusel spreading system, it can be integrated as a stand-alone machine or partial machine in a production line for cakes or pastries. The spreading process takes place in a continuous process.

Handcrafted-looking spread pattern despite technology

Crumble sprinkle system perfect for popular products

  • Crumble cake
  • Pastry rolls
  • Apple crumble cake
  • Cherry crumble cake

Crumble spreading system: Efficient support in your production

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