Vertical Cutting Machine - VSM

Perfect cutting and unfolding of your baked goods

The perfect start to automated snack production

The VSM vertical slicer adds an important manufacturing step to the production of topped bakery products. No risk of injury to personnel compared to manual slicing, simple insertion of the products – the machine cuts quickly and precisely. Even soft products such as hamburgers or hot dog buns are cut without fraying the cut area.

Vertical cutting machine: Benefits at a glance

Vertical blade for rolls & baguettes

Easy insertion of rolls and baguettes into the slicer. The baked goods are cut by a blade that is infinitely adjustable in height and gently transported by vertical side belts.

Roll complete cut

The infinitely adjustable blade allows the baked goods to be cut completely through. The advantage: After cutting, the baked goods lie with the cut surfaces facing upwards and can be processed directly.

bun gating

In addition to the complete cut, it is also possible to do a hinge cut. The advantage of this is that the cut products do not dry out as quickly, as the cut surfaces lie on top of each other. This is an ideal pre-requisite for intermediate storage of the baked goods until further processing.

Vertical cutting machine with high cutting performance

Due to the continuously adjustable cutting and speed parameters, a large amount of product can be realized in a short time. The simple and fast vertical insertion of the products into the cutting area and the smooth removal of the cut products ensure an optimal production process.

Special features of the VSM vertical cutting machine

Our VSM cutting machine precisely slices the following products, among others:

Bread roll
hotdog bun
Lye pastry

VSM-120 – Vertical Cutting Machine

Perfect cutting and unfolding of your baked goods
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Vertical cutting machines for perfect integration into production lines.

The VSM provides the perfect base for a production line for sandwiched baked goods or fast food. The adjustable working height of the slicer allows it to be adapted to the height of a possible production line. The cut baked goods come out of the machine with the cut surfaces facing upwards and are then further processed.