Cakes & Pastries Horizontal Slicing Machines

Configurable all-rounders for artisanal and industrial applications

Bakery horizontal slicing machines for a variety of bakery products

Depending on the model, our HGS cutting machines are suitable for both retail and industrial use. They are available in two working widths. Depending on the model type, you can choose the slicer with one or up to five blades. The higher the number of blades, the more layers can be cut simultaneously. The blade height can be easily adjusted and, depending on the machine’s configuration, it may be accessed and saved through a program control. The horizontal slicers are mobile, very quiet, and extremely robust.

Horizontal Cutting machines HGS: Benefits at a glance

Different types of machines can be selected

The selected number of blades ensures maximum flexibility during various cutting tasks. Optionally, you can choose between one double blade for each cutting task and up to five double blades for cutting in multiple layers at the same time.

Cutting bakery products with care for the product

The products to be processed are cut gently and quickly by a special double blade system. Due to two counter-rotating blades in each case, the slicer works very gently on the product and is adjusted via a manual blade height adjustment. Special note: the blades of the blade system are ground by hand in a special process, which ensures long-lasting and sharp blade blades.

Optional: Machine control

In the controlled version with touch display, the horizontal cutting machine offers the possibility of storing different cutting parameters per product type, as well as automatic blade height adjustment during program selection. Data entered can be regularly backed up via USB interface.

Horizontal cutting machines with automatic belt cleaning system

The conveyor belt is permanently cleaned of crumbs and product buildup by an integrated brush. The practical pull-out crumb tray collects excess product and can be easily removed and emptied later.

Heavy duty design

Due to their robust design and the use of high-quality machine components, the cutting machines are suitable for retail bakeries as well as for continuous industrial use. Durable materials such as stainless steel and plastic guarantee a long-lasting and reliable use of the machine.

Horizontal cutting machines for many kinds of products

Did you know? The HGS can be perfectly used for preparation of cake production: Cake bases and cakes are cut evenly and quickly into desired number of layers. All baked goods such as rolls, bagels, baguettes, flatbreads, etc. can also be precisely cut using the horizontal slicer.

Our horizontal cutting machines at a glance:

This is what our HGS cutting machines can cut:

Biscuit Capsule
Bread roll
burger bun
Cake crust
cream puff
Crumble bun
Frankfurt Crown Cake

HGS 600 KRS – Horizontal Cutting Machine

Configurable all-rounders for artisanal and industrial applications

HGS 600 – Horizontal Cutting Machine

Automatic cutting machine with program controlled knife height adjustment in 600 mm working width

HGS 400 KRS – Horizontal Cutting Machine

Automatic cutting machine with program controlled knife height adjustment in 400 mm or 600 mm working width

HGS 400 – Horizontal Cutting Machine

Automatic cutting machine with manual knife height adjustment in 400 mm working width

Horizontal cutting machine – HS300

Compact tabletop machine for products up to diameter of 300 mm
Product information
Technical specifications

Our Horizontal Cutting Machines: Application examples

Single machine or as start of a snack (+image) or cake production line.

Custom Slicing Solutions to Fit Your Needs!

You need help with the configuration of your horizontal cutting machine? Feel free to contact us – together we will find your solution!

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