HGS 600 KRS - Horizontal cutting machine

Configurable all-rounders for artisanal and industrial applications

General information

Horizontal slicing machines with program controlled knife height adjustment [KRS].

  • Horizontal slicing machine with a KR special knife system for slicing bakery products into a desired number of layers
  • automatic knife height adjustment and automatic cutting control
  • height-adjustable upper belt for fixing the products during the cutting process
  • synchronized upper and lower belt drive for product transport through the cutting system (feed speed adjustable)
  • the machine is manufactured exclusively from food approved materials
  • the machine can be used at different production sites, as it can be moved by means of swivel castors

Depending on the model type, you can use between 1 and 5 levels for cutting.


  • the desired number of layers is entered into the machine control system
  • the product is cut automatically according to the input
  • automatic adjustment of the knife height between the individual cutting cycles


  • microprocessor control with 100 program memory locations for up to 100 different products
  • user-friendly menu navigation
  • individual storage of the set programs with product names
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