TKSM Maxi 360 - cake cutting machine

General information

  • cutting machine with 360° rotary table for cutting products in individual formats
    automatic rotation of products in set cutting direction
  • rectangles, squares, triangles, rhombuses
  • a fully automatic cutting process ensures a consistently high cutting quality
  • cutting directly on the cutting plate or on a base (cake base)
    inductive knife heating up to 150°C
  • for cutting of angular products, roll and strand form on cutting plate
  • gentle cutting of products by two counter-rotating, thin knives each
    cooled or fresh products

Cutting the products in individual formats

The TKSM Maxi 360 was designed to specially cut angular products into individual shapes on cutting plates. Triangles, rhombuses, rectangles and squares are no longer a problem with this cutting system. The parameters of the individual cutting programs can be saved and thus recalled at any time. Two counter-rotating, thin knives ensure gentle cutting even for multi-layered and sensitive products with creamy portions.

With this cake cutting machine, there are hardly any limits to your individual shapes.

2000 mm
1500 mm
1790 mm
approx. 450 kg
Max. Product size for cutting plate
600 x 400 mm
Max. product height
Electrical connection
400 V; 50 HZ; 3 Ph

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