Horizontal cutting machine - HS300

Compact tabletop machine for products up to diameter of 300 mm

Horizontal cutting machine: Perfectly cutting your bakery variety.

The compact HS300 horizontal cutting machine fits on any woktable for small craft use as well as branch production. The slicer operates in a single track and ensures process-reliable work. The infinitely variable adjustment of the blade and upper belt height enables individual and simple adaptation of the cutting parameters to different products. Our customers use the HS300 very often in snack production, but also in the processing of confectionery products.

Horizontal cutting machine HS300: Benefits at a glance

cutting machine for bakery products up to 300 mm width

In addition to classic rolls and baguettes, baked goods up to 300 mm wide can be reliably cut. In addition to hamburger buns, crumble buns, flatbreads, croissants and cake layers are also no problem. The right cutting machine for artisanal use.

Horizontal cutting machine with special blade system

The HS300 slicer is equipped with a patented KR blade system, which ensures precise and uniform cutting results, even with sensitive products. *Special Note:By the way: the blades of the double blade system are ground by hand at our company using a special process, which ensures long-lasting and sharp blade blades.

Product gentle bread slicer

Due to the two counter-rotating blades in each case, the slicer works very gently on the product and is adjusted via a manual blade height adjustment. The synchronized upper and lower belt drive ensures uniform and gentle product transport during the cutting process. This not only keeps rolls, baguettes, and eclairs in shape, but also ensures that seeds, grains, and toppings adhere to the product.

Space saving bread slicer

Designed as a tabletop unit, the HS300 slicer is very compact and easy to store. Thanks to the fold-up conveyor belt, the slicer can be stored quickly, in a space-saving manner and can be used in various locations in the bakery or production.

Compact table machine for precise cuts

Cutting machine perfect for the following products

  • Rolls
  • Pretzel cookies
  • Cake bases
  • Baguette
  • Bagel
  • Cream puff
  • Sprinkle snails
  • Croissants
  • and much more

Horizontal cutting machine 100% fit for your requirement

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Stefan Wich Heiter

Sales Department