Sandwich Slicer – DSS

Vertical slicer for portioning sandwiches and wraps

Sandwich cutting machine: the ideal complement for sandwich production

The DSS vertical slicer gives your finished prepared products such as triangular sandwiches, club sandwiches, wraps or flatbreads the final touch. The space-saving and compact machine is movable and flexible as needed in production.
An automatic alignment station for triangular sandwiches is available as an option. Easy disassembly of the main machine parts for quick and thorough cleaning ensures a high standard of hygiene.

DSS Sandwich Slicer - effective vertical slicing machine.

The vertical slicer reliably cuts sandwiches, flatbreads or wraps up to 350 mm wide. In the standard version, the Sandwich Slicer operates in a single track and can also precisely divide several sandwiches, one above the other into the triangular shape.

Special blade system

The DSS sandwich slicer is equipped with a patented KR blade system, which ensures perfect slicing results for topped products. Even difficult products, such as raw ham, in the toppings are precisely separated. Special note: the blades of the double knives are ground by hand in a special process, which ensures long-lasting and sharp knife blades.

Sandwich slicer for 1200 sandwiches per hour

The standard version can continuously slice up to 1200 sandwiches per hour. For a higher hourly output, the sandwich slicer is also available with multiple lanes.

Optional: Sandwich slicer positioning aid for wraps.

For wrap production, we have developed a special conveyor belt with extra positioning aid for the user to obtain the typical slanted wrap cuts.

Sandwich Slicer: Features at a glance

  • Mobile
  • High output per hour
  • Very high hygiene standard (suitable for intensive wet cleaning)
  • For ready-made products up to 350 mm width
  • Coated double knife

sandwich cutting machine for integration into production lines.

The DSS vertical slicing machine is best used at the end of a production line. The finished flatbreads, sandwiches or wraps are portioned, and can then be packaged and stored ready for transport.
The product feeding of the topped bakery products can be done manually or by an automatic product takeover of an upstream conveyor belt. The vertical cutting machine is mobile due to swivel castors, which allows it to be used easily in different production areas.

Sandwich cutting machine: More information

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