Bread Roll and Baguette Slicer - BBS

For perfect cuts of buns, baguettes and baked goods

Small cutting machines with high output

The BBS cutting machines precisely slice various bakery and confectionery products depending on the machine’s configuration. Clean cut edges even on sensitive and soft products such as hotdog buns or eclairs remain in shape after the cutting process. User-friendliness is also a top priority at KRUMBEIN: cutting widths and variations can be set quickly and the hygienic design enables sustainable cleaning. Thanks to its versatility, the BBS line of cutting machines are used both by bakeries and food service establishments. They fit seamlessly into the current work process and can be easily adjusted to individual needs and production tasks.

Our cutting machines: Advantages at a glance

High cutting performance

Due to the continuously adjustable cutting and speed parameters, a large amount of product can be processedrealized in a short time. The simple and fast insertion of the products into the cutting area, as well as the smooth easy removal of the sliced products also contribute to considerable time savings.

Space saving cutting machines

Depending on the design, the BBS cutting machines are available as compact tabletop units or mobile machines. The fold-up conveyor enables space-saving and easy storage. Different places of use are also no problem.

Special blade system

The bread roll and baguette slicers are equipped with a patented KR knife system, which ensures precise and uniform cutting results. Depending on the design of the machine, three different types of cuts are possible: hinge cut, complete cut, or cutting on both sides (butterfly cut).

Cutting machines for hot dogs and eclairs

Specially designed for rolls and baguettes, the BBS machines also reliably cuts eclairs, pretzels, donuts, bagels, burger, and hotdog buns, and much more! Several cutting tasks can be covered with one machine.

product gentle cutting machines

The synchronized upper and lower belt drive ensures uniform and gentle product transport during the cutting process - even with sensitive (soft) products or with very hard crusts. Not only do rolls, baguettes, and eclairs keep their shape, but seeds, grains, and toppings also stay on the product.

Operator friendly cutting machines

Unskilled personnel in bakeries have been posing safety challenges to bakeries for years. That's why we support our customers with intuitive and safe cutting machines that are also easy to clean.

Find your suitable roll and baguette slicer now

BBS cutting machines can be used for a wide range of processing applications.

Our BBS cutting machines support you during the processing of

Bread roll
cream puff
Crumble bun

Cutting machine BBS VE

Cutting machine for snack production
  • for products up to 100mm width
  • 3000 cuts per hour
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Technical specifications

Cutting machine BBS-B VE

Cutting machine for products up to 140mm width
  • Suitable for products up to 140mm width
  • 3000 cuts per hour
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Technical specifications

Cutting Machine BBS IV

Complete cut, hinge cut and butterfly cut (cutting on both sides)
  • Complete cut
  • hinge cut and butterfly cut
  • 6000 cuts per hour
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Technical specifications

Special roll & baguette cutting machines

You would like to cut a specific baked good? Feel free to contact us – together we will find the right cutting machine!

Stefan Wich Heiter

Sales Department