BBSpro bread roll and baguette cutting machine

Compact cutting machine for snack production


  • Cutting machine for products up to 200 mm width
  • gate + complete cut
  • perfect cutting results
  • gentle processing adjustable to product requirements:
  • knife height and cutting speed
  • cutting without risk of injury
  • precise and controlled cutting
  • low noise

Main features of our BBSpro

gentle transport

Synchronized upper and lower belt drive for gentle product transport

Product variety

Large product quantity can be realized due to wide working range

Precision even with sensitive products

precise cutting even of sensitive products (e.g. hamburger buns)


Conveyor belts can be removed quickly for cleaning without tools


Machine parts consist of stainless steel exclusively

Flexibility in the production line

Can be used at the beginning of a production line


  • Splitting device (separates product upper part from lower part after cutting process for fast further processing).
  • special table with trays and collecting container for cut products