The bakery is the specialist for bakery goods, pastries and fine confectionery. Here, traditional handcraft meets modern technology. Especially in times of skills shortage it is particularly important that automation secures your business processes and enables you to quickly instruct new staff at user-optimized machines. Our KRUMBEIN machinery supports you to guarantee a high productivity and efficiency. They make the most of your processes. Cutting machines take over the custom-fitted portioning of sheet cakes and gateaux whilst depositing and sprinkling machines deliver a precise dose of toppings. Bespoke production lines with cutting and spreading machines enable the automated creation of sandwiches, too. The resulting time saving relieves your employees in the bakery as well as in the shop and gives them additional time for more complex tasks. By the way, the size of your company doesn’t play a role. Both large-scale industrial and small regional bakeries rely on our flexible bakery machines.

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