Catering as a professional service makes it possible to provide hot and cold food as well as drinks at any venue. If you have a small team or work on an industrial scale, caterers have one thing in common: The efficient preparation is extremely important and the staffing requirements and time management are decisive factors in the planning. Here comes KRUMBEIN machinery into play: They reliably manage routine processes such as the cutting of bakery goods and, consequently, relieve your employees who can then concentrate on more demanding tasks. The automation contributes in that way so that great quantities can be quickly produced with a reliable quality at a high hygienic standard. Within the range of application fall our cutting machines for bread rolls and baguettes, butter spreading machines which can also be used for other spreads, as well as depositing and spraying machines to create desserts, for instance. Thanks to a modular system it is even possible to assemble complete production lines. What’s more, all machinery is ergonomically, easy to clean and user-friendly in design which makes it easier and quicker to instruct new staff, too.

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