Depositing Machine - DSM EVO

High performance depositing machine.

General information

  • The depositing and moulding machine for larger bakery operations as well as for industrial production
  • Dosing head lifting system
  • a universal machine for the production of baked goods due to flexibility in dosing rollers and numerous different nozzles
  • State-of-the-art drive systems make the DSM 600 EVO a fast, precise and robust production machine
  • An optional two-axis conveyor belt (X+Y) makes it possible to produce individual products (e.g. “flaming hearts”, “ox eyes”, hearts, etc.) in addition to dot and strip products.
  • The machine is also suitable for filling various forms and products (e.g. muffin forms, silicone forms, blisters, cake base rings, etc.).
  • By removing the conveyor belt, the machine can be used e.g. above an external pastry line.
  • Possibility to use the machine at different production sites, as it can be moved by means of swivel castors.


  • TFT touch display with graphic dialog programming
  • menu-guided machine operation VPS (Visual Programming System)
  • Individual storage of the set programs with product names
  • Different program types are pre-installed
  • Examples: Dots, Roulades, Strips, Sand Tongues, Angel’s head and others).


  • Easily interchangeable metering roller systems, for different production requirements
  • Easily interchangeable nozzle rails, for different product shapes
  • Easy disassembly of the dosing system, ensures unproblematic cleaning
    Cleaning in the dishwasher possible
2180 mm
1360 mm
1520 mm
552 kg
Max. sheet width
600 mm
Electrical connection
400V 50 Hz 3 Ph

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