Buttering system - WBS

Automated solution for even application of butter to your baked goods

Butter spreaders: The time-saving extension of your production line

The mobile buttering system WBS was specially developed for the flat application of smooth spreads such as mayonnaise, whipped butter or sandwich spread. By means of contact spreading, rolls, bread slices, pita and sandwich bread as well as Finn-bread are spread flat and prepared for further processing. The mobile machine is optionally available in two working widths, which can be fully covered with products. The buttering system is mostly used in connection with a production line, which makes it an important step during the processing of baked goods in the to-go area.

Buttering system: advantages at a glance

Customizable buttering systems

The coating head of the WBS can be continuously adjusted to the respective product height of the product to be coated. The application thickness of the coating is also easily adjusted.

Two working widths in butter application

the WBS buttering machine can be configured in working widths of 300 mm or 600 mm. Depending on the desired production quantity, you select the appropriate working width of your future machine.

Using space wisely: Efficiency in every detail

Regardless of the selected working width, the entire conveyor belt can be continuously covered with products, as the buttering is carried out via a contact coating process.

Process-reliable operation

By linking the buttering system to a snack or sandwich line, you automate and standardize a time-consuming production step.

Hygienic machine design

For quick and effective cleaning in the dishwasher, the most important machine parts can be easily removed without tools.

Product feeding for butter application

The products are fed either by manual product feed or, can also be taken over automatically by a conveyor belt.

Buttering system: Your added value with our WBS

Our buttering system can be integrated in an effective and time-saving manner in production and as preparation of a snack or sandwich line. Different products can be prepared quickly and easily for further processing.
You already use a line? The WBS can also be used above an external line. The easy and quick cleaning of the buttering system gives the staff more time for other tasks.

Optimize processes with planning reliability: With the WBS buttering system

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Daniel Pfohl
Internal Sales