Sandwich bread slice feeder - MAXIfeed

The automated feeding of sandwich bread onto a production line

The solution for gently placing sandwich bread slices on a production line

The MAXIfeed sandwich bread slice feeder simplifies the laborious process of placing sandwich bread slices on a production line. The machine works in the front of a sandwich production line, can stock complete bread packages and processes the soft bread slices very gently. The maximum size of sandwich bread slices that can be processed is 120 x 120 x 12 mm.

Sandwich bread slice feeder: advantages at a glance

Sandwich production clocking

The cycle rate of the feeding machine can be set from a minimum of 20 slices per minute to 72 slices per minute. This way, the machine fits perfectly into your manufacturing process.

Sandwich bread level monitoring

Our MAXIfeed can stock complete sandwich bread packages. Fill level monitoring by means of a visual display when the fill level falls below the minimum level makes it easier for the operator to replenish at the right time.

Process-reliable work in sandwich production

Linking the two-track machine with a sandwich line automates your processes. Thanks to the adjustable cycle as well as the stepless control of the working speed, the MAXIfeed fits efficiently into the work processes.