Depositing machines- DSM

For fast and uniform production of your high quality confectionery products.

Depositing technique for various tasks

KRUMBEIN depositing and spraying machines are universal helpers in the production of pastries and cakes. The DSM can produce a wide variety of shapes from sheets, stripes, dots, and more! You can choose from a selection of interchangeable and easy-to-clean dosing rollers and nozzles for different applications. For example, dosing machines are ideal for filling muffin tins, silicone molds, blisters, cake base rings and much more. The combination of patented dosing systems and user-friendly control technology brings maximum performance to your bakery production.

Depositing machines: Benefits at a glance

Volume and batter gently dosing

Thanks to special dosing system, light and chunky batters are processed without any problems. Even the processing of difficult products, such as sponge cake or meringue, are possible without deflating the batters.

Convenient operating concept

An individual program can be stored for each product in order to use the optimum processing parameters. The parameters are stored and can be called up at any time under the product name.

Depositors for flexible tray sizes

Special sheet sizes for cakes can be filled using individually manufactured accessories, just like standard sheet sizes. The nozzles and rails are then optimally matched to the sheet sizes.

Many accessories for your Depositor

Hardly any other machine impresses with so many accessories for great product variety and flexibility during the manufacturing process. With optional tools and accessories, such as multi-color hopper or non-stick coated hoppers, the depositor is easily customizable. With a rotary nozzle system, twisted products, butter florets, cupcake decorations, etc. you are bound for success.

Mobile: KRUMBEIN depositors quickly in use

Due to the mobile and compact design, our depositors are movable and can therefore be used anywhere in the bakery or production site.

What should your depositor perform?

Our depositors are available as stand-alone machines or as sub-machines in a production line. Your production tasks are important to us – depending on the customer’s requirements and tasks, we’ll find the right machine together. The appropriate accessories of nozzles and rails expand the respective task spectrum and increase the product variety.

Cake and pastry depositors

Whether as a stand-alone machine or part of a production line – KRUMBEIN depositors and spraying machines are just as suitable for small craft use as for industrial high level production. Your individual doughs are processed gently and quickly – even doughs with inclusions . Combined with other KRUMBEIN machines and belts, an individual cake production line is created. Talk to us about the possibilities.

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Bread chips
Choux Pastry
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DSM 600 eco – Depositing Machine

The compact depositing machine
  • numerous nozzles and accessories
  • robust basic machine for handicraft operation
  • Table lifting system
Product information
Technical specifications

Depositing Machine – DSM EVO

Die Hochleistungs-Dressier- und Spritzmaschine
  • easy to integrate into cake lines via modular construction
  • Jet water cleaning in the low pressure range
  • 3d shapes (e.g. pretzel)
  • Heatable funnel
  • Industrial use
Product information
Technical specifications

Our depositors perform the following tasks:

  • Layering of bater into different trays, molds, blisters
  • Filling muffin molds
  • Application of cake pattern (e.g. Linzer cake)
  • Production of cookies and other small pastries
  • Piping macarons
  • Production and further processing of cream puffs

Accessory: transfer pump

The high-performance pump transfers batter directly from the mixing bowl or similar containers heavy lifting is no longer required. Thanks to the wheels, the pump can be moved very easily and therefore be used at different production sites. For uncomplicated cleaning, the pump body can be completely disassembled and cleaned with high-pressure cleaning equipment. The pump automatically draws in the dough and also conveys chunky batters from the container into the depositor hopper without any problems.

Accessory: Round belt conveyor - Conveyor system for volume critical batters (for the depositor)

The belt system conveys the batter directly from the mixing bowl or similar containers. A special round belt conveyor transports the batter very gently without any pressure into the hopper of the depositor without any loss of volume. Especially suitable for mousse, sponge, and meringue batters as well as cream.

We would be pleased to show you our depositors in operation

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Daniel Pfohl
Key Account Manager